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When you consider how high the security threat has been in the U.K over the last few yearsm it’s no wonder that security level has automatically transferred over into other areas of life such as festivals and high attendance events where vast members of the population are likely to gather.

So over the last few years, festival security has become a real hot topic, and something which is top priority for festival organisers and the security companies they employ to ensure we have a safe, secure, and risk free time when we attend our favourite music events.

Next time you attend a festival you may experience higher security checks or barrier checks before gaining entrance into your chosen festival, so it’s best to allow plenty of time regardless of how you travel.  If you book your travel package with Fest Intentions, there will be some instances where security checks can be done prior to attending the festival.

For more information about how Fest Intentions can get your to your chosen festival please contact a member of the team who can help you further.