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As we enter into another year, chances are you have already thought about which festivals you want to go, and have the preparations firmly on your radar.  Questions is are you festival ready?  Do you know exactly who’s going, how you are getting there, what you are taking with you, and most importantly do you have the right tickets before the pre-registration closes for those major important festivals?

This year Glastonbury might be taking a year out, but quickly filling the gap are the BBC who are hot on the heels of the Eavis family, ensuring we still have a great summer.  Dubbed ‘The Biggest Weekend’, the BBC are hosting a 4-nation event including Belfast in Northern Ireland, Perth in Scotland, Swansea in Wales and Coventry in England.

It’s unlikely to be something to overtake Glastonbury in a single year, and you are only human enough to be able to attend one of the 4 sites, however it’s important to know that you have Fest Intentions by your side to get you to your chosen festivals whichever you chose.  For more information about our products and services and how we can get you to the 4-nation Biggest Weekend or any other festival, have a browse through the site and contact us if you have any questions.