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Music is one of the single most important things we have in our lives.  It eruptes every emotion based on it’s type, and has the ability to make us smile and cry at the drop of a hat, so is music life?  Does the music we listen to define us, to the point where it gives away precious important information to others in a way no other medium can?

The most important thing to notice is that music is highly subjective, so it makes it one of the biggest talking points, like politics or the weather, but neither of the later evoke as music passion and escapism as music.

One of the single most important places where music manefestes in a way no other medium does, is at festivals, and every year millions of us flock to go and see our favourite artists, drink and wipe away the stress of the 9 to 5.  We spend billions of our hard earned wages every year travelling across the UK and internationally, and it is arguable the single best way of relaxing.

That is why we have setup Fest Intentions, to ensure the bits before and after you attend a festival are just as stress and hassle free as the festival itself.  Trust us to get you to and from your chosen festival or event with ease.  You can get more information on our website or by calling a member of our team.