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Land Beyond Festival Kicks off this weekend in Brighton

New festival Land Beyond starts this weekend in Brighton, for its fresher year. The line-up boasts a wide variety of acts and genres, and will make for a perfect sunny weekend in Brighton, being in held in the glorious East Brighton Park.

We Are Festival Kicks Off this Weekend

East London’s We Are Festival returns this weekend with a stellar line-up of the best of electronic music. Check out our warm-up article before it kicks off this May Bank Holiday.

Does bigger equal better? Small vs Large Festivals

Festivals are now an integral part of British culture, with summer being known in the music industry as ‘festival season’. When we think of festivals, many of us picture sprawling pop-up cities in the middle of the countryside, like Glastonbury or Reading festivals.

Tips for staying safe at Festivals

Hundreds of thousands of people attend music festivals and events throughout the warmest months of the year and most of them have a great time and experience no problems, except perhaps for a bit of mud and a little rain! It’s important to stay safe however.

Weather at Festivals – Do or Die?

Although not so much of a problem on the continent, British weather is world-famous for its unpredictability. What is it about festivals that attract so many people? Music, fun and memories sure… but we think the absolute craziness that the weather inspires in people has a role to play.

Your first festival: Who should you go with?

The first time you attend a festival is a bit of a rite of passage for many young Brits. Many kids go to their first festival after they finish their GCSE’s, as a massive summer blowout and as one of the first steps into adulthood. Here’s our definitive guide to who you should go with.

Fest Intentions partners with Exmouth Pride

Exmouth Pride has become a brand new festival partner running alongside Fest Intentions with a brand new travel partnership for 2019 and beyond, giving fans of the event fresh new travel options and up to date information within the wider LGTBQ Pride Guide supported by Gaydio.

First Festival Live 2019 comes to Brighton

Fest Intentions was exhibiting over the last 48 hours at the first ever Festival Live for 2019; a festival in itself aiming to bring everyone from the festival industry together over 2 days. From festival organisers through to tech and a range of panel discussions, Festival Live brought it all together across a 48-hour period.

Are UK festivals as good as their European counterparts?

The UK has long had a reputation for fantastic, large-scale line ups with immersive production and a great atmosphere. But European festivals have been building themselves a formidable reputation in recent years, and 3 of the worlds 10 biggest festivals are located in mainland Europe.

Your hearing: What are the costs of loud music?

It’s something we all might have considered but probably never acted on; protecting our hearing if we expose ourselves to areas where loud music is played. It’s possible the knowledge of how you can take steps to source this protection is also not widely known across the music industry and for avid festival fans.

Festival Anthems; The Headliners

The follow up to the silver album, Festival Anthems, is here. Festival Anthems – The Headliners aims to take this successful album concept up a notch with all of your favourite festival headliners all on a 3-disc album. Re-live some of your favourite artists (without the field and beer drenched clothing).


Tickets for this year’s Shambala festival have completely sold out, and that is before they announced a single act which according to the organisers left them humbled and semi-shell shocked.


You might think you’ve seen it all at a festival, but we’ve checked out some of the weirdest items which have been taken to festivals according to some of the event organisers over the years.


As an artist it’s a big deal when you get booked for some of the bigger and more well-known gigs. This year Everything Everything have announced their biggest tour to date.


When you consider how high the security threat has been in the U.K over the last few yearsm it's no wonder that security level has automatically transferred over into other areas of life such as festivals and high attendance events where vast members of the population...


As we enter into another year, chances are you have already thought about which festivals you want to go, and have the preparations firmly on your radar.  Questions is are you festival ready?  Do you know exactly who's going, how you are getting there, what you are...


Music is one of the single most important things we have in our lives.  It eruptes every emotion based on it's type, and has the ability to make us smile and cry at the drop of a hat, so is music life?  Does the music we listen to define us, to the point where it...