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Weather at Festivals – Do or Die?

May 14, 2019 | Latest Updates, Music News, News

Although not so much of a problem on the continent, British weather is world-famous for its unpredictability. In most of Europe, you can predict that the summer will generally be hot and dry. In the UK however, it’s anyone guess how the weather will be on a daily basis. At the time of writing, in May 2019, the weather is pretty cold and wet, and it’s almost midsummer!

Because of these differences, the weather isn’t a particularly important part of festivals abroad. But the weather has become an integral part of British festivals, one thing in particular that Brit festivals have become associated with: mud.

Reading Festival in 1971

Every year, the newspapers coverage of Glastonbury usually includes at least one image of festival-goers stuck in the mud. People knee deep, covered in it, sliding, dancing and even more adult activities in the mud. People covered head to toe, as if it’s some sort of war paint or tribalistic uniform.

To Europeans and Americans, this might all seem a bit bizarre – but ask most Brit festival-goers, and they’ll tell you that horrendous weather not only adds to the atmosphere, but can be one of the most fun parts of it!

Sun & Bass in Sardinia – more acceptable weather

This isn’t to say that our European friends don’t have similar experiences – Teknival in France this week has been hit a by a snowstorm, and 30 people have hypothermia – not such a fun experience with the weather.

Teknival Festival in a snowstorm

What it all comes down to is what people want out of festivals – and atmosphere is one of those factors at the top of the list. Weather enhances any experience, for the better or worse, and even if heavy rain, gale-force winds or boggy ground make life a little more difficult, it certainly makes your festival experience more memorable.

So, is it do or die when it comes to bad weather at festivals? No, because it’s all part of the fun! And if you’re prepared to sleep in what is essentially a plastic shell for 4 days, then you know what you could be in for. Remember the Scouts motto in bad weather – be prepared!

Glastonbury Mud